iPhone Calendar Colours

I use Google Apps for both me and a lot of my clients. Its great, and far better at iPhone sync than Apple's own Mobile Me service which is really flakey. This actually makes no difference to anything regarding the rest of this very short post, just thought I'd mention it!

Kit for Sale!

Roll up, roll up!

Our recent spending spree and kit upgrade at work has left us with a bit of kit that we no longer use. Here's a list of what we've got - some of it is fairly new (Infortrends just over two years old) and some of it could be of use as a tech paperweight (Sony AIT Drive!)... Feel free to pop over to the studio in Soho and have a look or just make me an offer :)
Drop me a line if you want any more info on any of the bits...

Here we go then:

2x Infortrend 6TB RAID arrays.

Out and out...

I've not tried this more than once so far due to the excessive amount of check in/out times - see my post here. I'll obviously do some more tests on that when I upgrade the SAN and software this week.
I did need to take a project home one weekend so I checked it out with assets to my USB stick.

FCServer Search Queries

A couple of bits here:

When you're adding a bunch of files (eg a folder of JPEGs or WAVs) you are given the option to tag them with a description and/or keywords. I have found that you can search for those terms from the main quick search box, but you can't search for those terms AND something else.
Eg. description 'original music' AND keyword 'summer'

I guess this is linked to my next issue: Searching for multiple things in a single field.

Abracadabra ... or not

I've got 4 more FCSvr observations to get through before I upgrade the XServes to Snow Leopard Server and put FCSvr 1.5 on them next week so I'll try and get through them all this week :)
First up: Wizards.

Why you can only create settings, watchers and devices using a simple wizard in the System Preferences, I don't know.
OK, I know that's not strictly true and you can create things in the Administration panel in the client too, but for what I want to do, it still doesn't give me any flexibility over the System Preferences.

A good deed

First of all, a bit of twaddle:
For years I, like you, have sought information on the Internet from both companies and individuals. The knowledge gained has helped me reach the very fortunate position I'm in today so I thought it was about time I tried to contribute some of that back to the community. Whoever you are! That was one of the many reasons for setting up this blog and my Twitter account.

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