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I can't fix an issue if I don't know it has occured.

We had an error on our Qmaster cluster which meant that nothing was getting transcoded, I found this out after quite a backlog had built up. For a quick fix, I set FCSvr to render/transcode locally for a while until I figured out the Qmaster problem and then switched it back later.

Project copy v1... v2... v3...

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was a bit put out that there was no sensible solution to sharing projects in a read only fashion.
I just wanted to expand on that and outline where I find this to be a problems and what a possible solution would be to rectify this.

I have always been a big fan of the shared asset library/project. I use them for sound effects, music, graphics, clocks/bars/tone/company branding and logos etc. Anything that is not project or episode specific.

Sharing is best when you can

As with many people using FCP with a SAN, we stored our projects on the SAN moving them local to work on them and putting them back when we'd finished with them. This worked fine. But the idea of having project sharing was a great plus point to having FCServer.

I didn't start using the project check out/in straight away as when we installed Svr, we were already in production and were used to the workflow we had in place. However, for some reason, I was keen to get it working so I could work from home a bit easier - quite why I'd want to do that, I'm not entirely sure ;)

Final thoughts on Final Cut Server

I'm coming to the end of a two year contract at Astley Baker Davies where I have been working on 3 animation series. Since the start of the project, I've gone through a couple of different workflows but the one I've spent the most time with (and found the most useful/cost effective) is the Final Cut Server one I'm going to write about. I'm going to split this up in to a number of smaller posts over the next few weeks as there's quite a lot to get through. Feel free to comment or ask questions/point out my mistakes and stupidity at any point!

FCP Waves Bye Bye

Just a quick post about the way FCP currently handles (or doesn't!) waveforms for me.

As you can see from the picture there is very little in the way of a waveform to look at! This is what you can see when you load a clip in to the viewer from the browser or match-frame it from the timeline. Obviously not ideal.

Coming Soon...

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to Autoboard - my Filemaker Pro based solution to the time consuming task of creating cut lists and storyboards from your animatics. I've been using this for over 18 months on 3 different series and it has saved me countless hours of tedious manual work - and saved my employer a massive sum of money too! I'll put some screenshots up when I've got the UI designed properly.

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