Privacy Policy

There's very little to say on the privacy policy of this site. I use session cookies to enable you to stay logged in while you browse and that's about it. I can view your email address that you registered on the site with but frankly, I've got better things to do with my time than send you messages pretending to be from the National Bank of Uganda or something silly like that! Talking of spam, I do use Mollom to ease the burden in my own inbox of robots and spammers trying to create logins and write comments on the site. This system is in use on loads of sites around the world such as Sony BMG, The Observer, Oxfam and Mozilla to name just a few. In short (and almost legal sounding speak!), by posting messages to this site, you accept that your message and other personal details (IP address and username - NOT passwords) about you will be analyzed and stored for anti-spam and quality monitoring purposes, in accordance with Mollom's privacy policy. You can request to have all your details deleted from the servers by contacting Mollom. Hope that's OK! Any issues, get in touch.