Coming Soon...

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to Autoboard - my Filemaker Pro based solution to the time consuming task of creating cut lists and storyboards from your animatics. I've been using this for over 18 months on 3 different series and it has saved me countless hours of tedious manual work - and saved my employer a massive sum of money too! I'll put some screenshots up when I've got the UI designed properly.

Very interesting, i like this

Very interesting, i like this website.



I'm going to try and keep it a bit more up to date this year too :)

congratulations Taig

Congradulation Taig. I hope it goes well for you - I moved away from Filemaker but I'm glad that it is working for you. The site redesign looks great!

Filemaker etc

Thanks John,

Are you still making databases though? What are you using?
Filemaker makes it so easy to do stuff quickly but I do keep meaning to move to MySQL and PHP but I think it will take more than a couple of hours to learn that... and when you want to get something done quickly, you use what you know!

Back to school

The short answer is no - no databases currently. Filemaker is excellent but can lack a bit in the pretty bits (unless you invest in Advanced Server) So I'm going back for a little schooling and a really good grounding in AJAX/AIR. I'm still in the post biz though, plus starting a podcast next year to support archiving and metadata (more an investigation into what interested me than a business venture). Some that'll keep me busy....

Good work!

Good stuff. Sounds interesting... be sure to keep me posted!