FCP Waves Bye Bye

Just a quick post about the way FCP currently handles (or doesn't!) waveforms for me.

As you can see from the picture there is very little in the way of a waveform to look at! This is what you can see when you load a clip in to the viewer from the browser or match-frame it from the timeline. Obviously not ideal.

I have been using FCP since version 1 and haven't come across this particular bug until the current job I'm working on. I'm not sure if this is because it has only occurred in the later versions of the software or because I am using a lot more audio clips that aren't linked to video in these animation projects.
Whatever the reason, I would love to know why this is happening and more to the point, how to stop it!


After a quick investigation, it looks like this this is caused by a file permissions error - the first person on the SAN to open a particular audio file can see the waveforms and everyone else sees nothing. If it is directly related to permissions, it would be odd as all users have full access to the whole SAN with no restrictions and all users can see the waveforms in other apps. I haven't upgraded to FCP7 yet so it may well be fixed then (OK, I doubt it, but I can dream!). I'm upgrading the SAN next year so I think I'll have to wait until then for anything to change.



well 2 thoughts occur. Waveform cache is jazzed. Are u sharing a proj file?

Its not the waveform cache

Its not the waveform cache and yes, we are sharing project files but not simultainiously and we have read/write access on them.