Split Tracks AppleScript

This is a handy script I use to make split track video files for our composer. He likes sync on the left and guide music/effects on the right so I set my sequence to Dual Mono in the Sequence Settings in FCP and then set the output for each track to the correct channel on the timeline. After I export and/or send the track through Compressor, both channels of audio are centre-panned.

This script pans the Track 1 fully left and track 2 fully right. If you don't use Compressor (or something you can run an AppleScript as part of the transcode process) you can just drop a QuickTime movie on to the script and it will process that file. I have it set to run on the output of my Compressor preset so it all just happens automatically. Works great!

The script is below if you want to copy and paste it... if not, download the pre-made app to drop your files on to.


AppleScript: Split_Tracks.scpt

on open (thefile)
tell application "QuickTime Player" to open (thefile)
tell application "QuickTime Player"
copy left to pan
repeat with i from 1 to the number of tracks in document 1
if the kind of track i of document 1 is "sound" then
if pan is left then
set the sound balance of track i of document 1 to -128
copy right to pan
set the sound balance of track i of document 1 to 128
copy left to pan
end if
end if
end repeat
quit saving yes
end tell
end open

Split_Tracks.zip19.52 KB

Hi. Is there a form to make


Is there a form to make an applescript that run as postprocesing in a compressor droplet, that copies the mono audio track of the file in order to obtain a file with 4 mono outputs?