A good deed

First of all, a bit of twaddle:
For years I, like you, have sought information on the Internet from both companies and individuals. The knowledge gained has helped me reach the very fortunate position I'm in today so I thought it was about time I tried to contribute some of that back to the community. Whoever you are! That was one of the many reasons for setting up this blog and my Twitter account.

Even if nobody gains any knowledge from my random virtual musings, hopefully I will, at some point, be that one random link that has the exact same error message that has been popping up for days that apparently NOBODY else has ever had! (Don't you hate it when that happens?!) And at least then you won't be banging your head against a wall on your own and can add a comment saying "Me too... aarrrrgghhhh!!"

Anyway, moving on.
In that vein I thought I'd send my first ever feedback to Apple. (Even the big companies need help sometimes!) Not that its the first thing I've come across that doesn't work, but because I realised that I can't really complain about it if I haven't told anyone!

So here's the odd thing that I found recently.
I'm running a number of machines in a shared environment. We've got Dell PCs running XP Pro and we've got Mac Pros, iMacs and Mac Minis running OSX 10.5. Some of the Mac Pros are direct attached to the XSAN with fibre, everything else is on Gig-E.

We are running XSAN 1.4 as our SAN and then using a Dell server on Windows Server 2003 running Quantum StorNext 2.8.1 to share the XSAN volumes to both the Windows clients and the OSX 10.5 clients that aren't fibre attached.
I upgraded a couple of these Mac Pros to 10.6 (and then 10.6.1 and 10.6.2) and found an odd bug where I couldn't copy anything to the SAN via the GUI. Using the terminal worked fine though.

I know I'm way out of date on software here but its been a busy couple of years! I'm upgrading the SAN next week to XSAN 2 and StorNext 3 (I know - 4 is right around the corner...but its not out yet!) and I reckon that will sort this odd problem out.