Abracadabra ... or not

I've got 4 more FCSvr observations to get through before I upgrade the XServes to Snow Leopard Server and put FCSvr 1.5 on them next week so I'll try and get through them all this week :)
First up: Wizards.

Why you can only create settings, watchers and devices using a simple wizard in the System Preferences, I don't know.
OK, I know that's not strictly true and you can create things in the Administration panel in the client too, but for what I want to do, it still doesn't give me any flexibility over the System Preferences.

What I'd love is to be able to duplicate existing settings/watchers/devices and then just tweak the couple of parameters you wanted to change - either in the System Preferences or client. Reason being, we have hundreds of watchers but most of them do one of three things so a quicker way to create new ones (which we have to do quite a lot) would be a nice touch. You can duplicate a response in the Administration panel, why not a Watcher?!

On that note, you should remember that the Administration panel is your friend and you don't have to use the wizard for everything:
I was running FCSvr for about 8 months before I hooked it up to an email server and wanted to add some email reports to existing watchers. If you go through the wizard, you have to go in to your watcher, click "next" about 3 times and wait while it checks your paths are correct etc. before you can add the email response from the drop-down.

The quicker way is to use the Administration panel to create a new email response. Instructions from Apple here: http://bit.ly/dlkGWN
Then simply open your watcher and add it in to the response list.

Admittedly, I'd love a way to do that to 150 watchers at once, but it still saves time over the System Preferences interface.