FCServer Search Queries

A couple of bits here:

When you're adding a bunch of files (eg a folder of JPEGs or WAVs) you are given the option to tag them with a description and/or keywords. I have found that you can search for those terms from the main quick search box, but you can't search for those terms AND something else.
Eg. description 'original music' AND keyword 'summer'

I guess this is linked to my next issue: Searching for multiple things in a single field.
According to the help file, it looks like you just type your terms in the quick search box, and up pop your results. In practice, I can only put ONE search term in the quick find box. Any more than that, and it doesn't find anything, which is pretty useless!
Here is a typical scenario I come across every day.
Each of our episodes has a three letter code. For "The Frog Prince" it is "FRG".
We have a folder full of voice records from this episode titled (for example):
Everything is split up like this so even out of context, we can get all the info we ever need from the file name. In this case:

FRG - Episode Name
001 - Episode Number
Violet - Character Name
008 - Voice record session number
Take_01 - Voice record file number
.wav - obvious

So how do I find all the wav files that Violet recorded for the FRG episode recorded on session 8?
In theory, I should be able to type [violet frg 008] in to the search box, but that gives me nothing.
I can type "FRG" in to the main search and in the advanced search add TITLE CONTAINS: "Violet" but that gives me everything she recorded for the whole ep - I'm just trying to find the 2 clips she recorded in session 8, but again, if I type FRG in the main search and add TITLE CONTAINS: "violet 008" I get nothing...