Out and out...

I've not tried this more than once so far due to the excessive amount of check in/out times - see my post here. I'll obviously do some more tests on that when I upgrade the SAN and software this week.
I did need to take a project home one weekend so I checked it out with assets to my USB stick.
I didn't want to have the stick in my laptop all weekend so I then copied the stuff on to my laptop internal drive, and put it all back on the stick at the end of the weekend. When I checked it all back in to FCSvr and opened it up in FCP, everything was unlinked... I assume because I broke some link somewhere to where the assets were stored when I moved them from the USB stick.
I hope it was just operator error and there is a better way of doing this. If there is, please let me know (or I'll have another play on FSCvr 1.5 soon!)